Thursday, 23 April 2009

Scottish Student Left Forum CANCELLED

The Scottish Student Left Forum planned for this weekend at St Andrews University has been cancelled.

In an email sent out to the Left Society's mailing list who were organising the event, Patrick O'Hare (President and SSP Member) stated that the cancellation was due to a 'lack of confirmed guests' going onto say 'It seems people are too busy with essays, exams and other stuff, even though they all said it was a good idea'. However Mr O'Hare did not rule out the possibility of the event taking place at a later date stating 'Hopefully its something we could try again next semester when people have more time'.

Nikki Duda (one of the main organisers) said that members of the Socialist Workers Party although interested could not attend due to other arrangements, and that another large group had also pulled out of the proceedings.

It seems that the event will now take place in autumn (if at all), when Leftist Students will have the first chance to come together as a collective group.

*Picture of Occupation for Palestine Earlier This Year

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