Sunday, 8 August 2010

Colin Fox contests Edinburgh council by-election for the SSP

SSP co-spokesperson Colin Fox will contest the Liberton / Gilmerton ward of the City of Edinburgh council in a by-election to be held on Thursday 9th September.

Colin said; "Voters in Liberton/Gilmerton can send yet another ‘pro cuts’ Labour, SNP or Liberal Councillor to the City Chambers on September 9th or they can elect a representative who will stand up for what South Edinburgh needs most - better schools, more Council houses, improved services, scrapping the Council tax and putting the interests of ordinary people ahead of the corporate elite and the banks".

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

St Andrews Stands Against Gender Based Violence

Last Friday, 7 May, about 70 gathered at the University of St Andrews' student union for to protest gender-based violence. The event, called "Reclaim the Night: Unite Against Gender-Based Violence", was organized by the St Andrews Feminist Society.

At 8:30, only about nine students had arrived, but by 9:00 the group had swelled to over seventy. After distributing homemade banners and signs, three speeches about the importance of stopping sexism and gender-based assumptions and violence launched the march. The group marched down Market Street, Largo Road, along the Kinnesburn, and ended on East Sands with a bonfire and informal discussion. The march included chants -- "no means no! yes means yes!" - and drumming by the female troupe SheBoom. The boisterous and colourful protest drew attention from passers-by, who often paused to ask marchers what was going on.

The march was attended by undergraduate and postgraduate students of the University of St Andrews, students from the University of Dundee, and local activists.

According to Miranda Myrberg, at the beach the march was interrupted by a police officer. She said they had received a permit--the march was indeed supervised by two officers--and that the officer's actions infringed on their right to protest.

"We had an interruption at Castle Sands, as the police stopped us there, forcing us to run and get a letter stating our legal rights to have a bonfire there. He also demanded that someone came with him to the police station, and Jonny Wilde, one of our members went," Ms. Myrberg said in an email. According to Ms. Myrberg, after Mr. Wilde went with the officer, the event continued as planned.

The participants greatly enjoyed the time on the beach, she said. VegSoc provided food and Gemma Lawrence and Rollo Hornyold-Strickland were performing acoustic music.

Reporting by Katie Meyer. 7 May 2010.

(Source: - The Saint)

Sunday, 9 May 2010

BNP Failure at Elections

Last week the BNP failed to gain any seats in Westminster, although coming 5th in overall number of votes, increasing by 1.2% since the last election. In the English Council Elections they lost 26 seats, leaving only 19.

In Glasgow the BNP were met in definace by the other party's candidates refusing to share the platform with them, and resulting in humiliation for the BNP and disturbances at the count, below are three videos portraying the events.

SSP Election Results 2010

Aberdeen North, Ewan Robertson, 268, 0.71%
Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintiloch East, Willie O'Neil, 476, 1.16%
Dundee East, Angela Gorrie, 254, 0.63%
Edinburgh South West, Colin Fox, 319, 0.70%
Glasgow Central, James Nesbitt, 357, 1.17%
Glasgow East, Fances Curran, 454, 1.41%
Glasgow North East, Kevin McVey, 179, 0.61%
Livingston, Ally Hendry, 242, 0.51%
Paisley and Renfrewshire North, Chris Rollo, 233, 0.53%
Paisley and Renfrewshire South, Jimmy Kerr, 375, 0.94%


A total of 3,157 votes in 10 constituencies.

The Scottish Socialist Party would like to thank each and every one of those voters for their support.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Protest Success in St Andrews

On the 4th of May Ron Prosor Ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom visited St Andrews for an event ran by the IPA (International Politics Association), to discuss 'The Case for Israel', tickets costing £5 with an undisclosed location and even an undisclosed speaker until an hour before the event.

The members of several groups including the Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, St Andrews Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, Jews for Justice, St Andrews University Left Society and the Scottish Socialist Party, whom had been raising awareness in the form of a stall outside the presumed event location Holy Trinity Church on South Street, decided to protest the event. Reception of the stall went well, manifesting in a mass of locals and students who joined the above groups. Despite this and the large police presence at the church the location was changed approximately an hour before it was scheduled to happen, and so the 150 protesters took to the streets heading for the New Medicine Building (the new location) to protest outside.

The police were hospitable but protesters had to stay behind an erected barricade during the entrance of ticket holders. The security was high with some 40 Police men and women, University security on the door, and Ron's own security force inside. 5 People were refused entry for no apparent reason, one was simply wearing a Palestinian scarf for fashion reasons, after refusal of entry he joined the protest, one man was told he could not enter as he had a criminal record a "fact" which turned out to be untrue. All this added to the passion of the protesters.

The high security meant that it took an hour for all the people wishing to hear the speaker to enter the building, after this had happened the protesters moved to a window where they could see the event and disrupt it from, it was apparent that their chants could be heard inside.

After the event Ron sped off in his vehicles. The protest lasted a good three hours and was successful in disruption with some ticket holders deciding to join the protest rather than entering. Those who joined should be pleased with the achievements of the day.

Viva Viva Palestina

By James Morris

SSP Sign International Statement on the European Crisis

International Statement On The European Crisis
Signed by anti capitalist organisations across Europe


1. The global economic crisis continues. Massive amounts of money have been injected into the financial system – $14 trillion in bailouts in the United States, Britain, and the eurozone, $1.4 trillion new bank loans in China last year – in an effort to restabilize the world economy. But it remains an open question whether or not these efforts will be enough to produce a sustainable recovery. Growth remains very sluggish in the advanced economies, while unemployment continues to rise. There are fears that a new financial bubble centred this time on China is developing. The protracted character of the crisis – which is the most severe since the Great Depression – reflects its roots in the very nature of capitalism as a system.

2. After a harsh wave of job cuts, in Europe the focus on the crisis is now on the public sector and social welfare system. The very financial markets that have been rescued thanks to the bailouts are now up in arms about the increase in government borrowing this has involved. They are demanding massive cuts in public expenditure. This amounts to a class attempt to shift the costs of the crisis from those who precipitated it – above all, the banks – to working people – not just those employed in the public sector but also all those who consume public services. The demands for austerity and public sector ‘reform’ are the clearest sign that neoliberalism, intellectually discredited by the crisis, nevertheless continues to dominate policy-making.

3. Greece is currently in the eye of the storm. It is one of several European economies that are particularly vulnerable, partly because of a buildup of debt during the boom, partly because they find it hard to compete with Germany, the giant of the eurozone. Under pressure from the financial markets, the European Commission, and the German government, the government of George Papandreou has torn up its election promises and announced cuts amounting to four per cent of national income.

4. Fortunately Greece has a magnificent history of social resistance running back to the 1970s. Following on from the youth revolt of December 2008, the Greek workers’ movement has responded to the government’s cuts packages with a wave of strikes and demonstrations.

We also welcome the example of the Iceland referendum in which people rejected debt refunding imposed by the banks.

5. Greek workers need the solidarity of socialists, trade unionists, and anti-capitalists everywhere. Greece is simply the first European country to have been targeted by the financial markets, but they have plenty of others in their sights, first of all, Spain and Portugal.

6. We need a programme of measures that can lift the economy out of crisis on the basis of giving priority to people’s needs rather than profits and imposing democratic control over the market We need to stand for an anti capitalist answer: our life, our health, our jobs before profits.

• All cuts in domestic public expenditure to be halted or reversed: stop pensions ‘reform’; health and education are not for sale;

• A guaranteed right to work and a programme of public investment in green jobs – public transport, renewable energy industries, and adapting private and public buildings to reduce carbon dioxide emissions;

• For a public banking service and financial system under public control!

• No scapegoating of immigrants and refugees: legalize them!

• No to military expenditure: Withdrawal of Western troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, drastic cuts in military spending, and the dissolution of NATO

7. We resolve to organize European solidarity activities again cuts and capitalist attacks. A victory for Greek workers will strengthen resistance to the cuts elsewhere.

Greece : Aristeri Anasynthes, Aristeri Antikapitalistiki Syspirosi, Organosi Kommuniston Diethniston Elladas-Spartakos, Sosialistiko Ergatiko Komma, Synaspismos Rizospastikis Aristeras ;

Portugal : Bloco de Esquerda ;

Austria : Linkswende ;

Belgium : Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire - Socialistische arbeiderspartij ;

Britain : Socialist Resistance, Socialist Workers Party ;

Croatia : Radnička borba ;

Cyprus : Ergatiki Dimokratia ;

Denmark : Socialistisk Arbejderparti ;

France : Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste ;

Germany : internationale sozialistische linke, marx21, Revolutionär Sozialistischen Bund ;

Italy : Sinistra Critica ;

Ireland : People Before Profit Alliance, Socialist Workers Party ;

Netherlands : Internationale Socialisten, Socialistische Arbeiderspartij ;

Poland : Polska Partia Pracy, Pracownicza Demokracja ;

Russia : Vpered ;

Scotland : Scottish Socialist Party

Serbia : marks21 ;

Spanish State : En lucha/En lluita, Izquierda Anticapitalista, Partido Obrero Revolucionario ;

Switzerland : Gauche anticapitaliste, Mouvement pour le socialisme /Bewegung für Sozialismus, solidaritéS ;

Turkey : Devrimci Sosyalist İşçi Partisi, Özgürlük ve Dayanışma Partisi.

Nick Clegg’s Cowardly Retreat from Glasgow

On the 4th of May Nick Clegg was hounded out of Glasgow by angry local socialists.

When SSY members in Maryhill heard that Nick Clegg was in our local community centre, we roared into action to try and ask him a few questions about his policies.

The entrances to the community centre were surrounded by cops and Nick Clegg’s personal body guards, and as soon as they caught a whiff of us walkietalkies were buzzing, as they planned his escape from the terrifying sight of people who don’t agree with him.

Despite only finding out about the Lib Dem Love In with half an hour to spare, we rounded up local activists to make our point… in contrast to the Lib Dems, who had clearly bussed in activists from across the country – and across the border!

Before Clegg was scheduled to leave the building, a flood of Liberal Democrat supporters crowded around us with placards in an attempt to stop Clegg or the press from seeing anyone question the Lib Dems, and Clegg’s messiah complex.

Lib Dems attempted to obscure our placards – when they failed, many of them attempted to forcibly remove our placards from us and were aggressive in attempts to hide them from view.

Clegg was ushered into a shiny James Bond car and didn’t bother to address our concerns, only giving us and our placards a disdainful look. I suppose he only cares about what local people think if they’re thinking that they’d like to kiss his arse. He was no doubt terrified of the massed placard waving hordes of Maryhill SSY.

When his car had sped off, we were surrounded by Lib Dem activists who didn’t seem to know their own policies as well as we did. None of them Lib Dems we spoke to knew that their party…

- wanted to stop public sector workers from being able to strike

- are in favour of Britain having weapons of mass destruction

- opposed the introduction of a national minimum wage, and wanted the minimum wage to be lower in poor regions

- want to impose savage cuts

- support fascists in Thailand, through their membership of the Liberal International

and that Nick Clegg is a great admirer of Margaret Thatcher!

Err… maybe you should research your party before you join it?

It’s great that so many people are looking to the Lib Dem for a left-wing alternative to the Tories or New Labour – but they’re looking in the wrong place.

Source: SSY (Leftfeild Blog)

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Protest Called in St Andrews - Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign

Source: SPSC

Protest Scottish visit by ambassador of murder, illegal occupation and apartheid

Israeli Ambassador, Ron Prosor, will be given a platform in Holy Trinity Church, St Andrews on Tuesday 4 May to make the case for Israel's crimes. The least of these crimes was the recent use of British passports by an Israeli murder squad in Dubai.

The ambassador of blood, white phosphorus, starvation and theft will appear in St Andrews at a time when Scottish civil society, from Government to grassroots organisations, has become increasingly aware of Israel's violations of Palestinian rights, not to mention basic norms of human decency.

Nuclear-armed Israel, which has attacked its neighbours on many occasions and openly plans to attack Iran, faces the possibility of prosecution at the International Criminal Court following the UN's Goldstone report. It is a scandal that the International Politics Association in St Andrews is providing a platform for the ambassador of a rogue state.

Assemble Holy Trinity Church, South Street, St Andrews at 5pm

Join Palestine solidarity stalls in St Andrews from 12noon on Tuesday 4th May - visit the SPSC Website.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

SSP Party Political Broadcast

Putting Socialism on the Agenda

by Frances Curran

Thirteen years after Tony Blair hailed the Tory defeat, proclaiming “a new dawn has broken”, night is closing in on the New Labour era.

In contrast to the confident predictions of a third way which would ensure permanent peace and prosperity Brown’s government is sinking fast in a sea of economic crisis, bloody war and sleaze.

However perhaps the most striking fact about the coming Westminster contest is how slight the differences are between the so called ‘major’ parties.

At the heart of this is the reality that from Salmond’s praise of now dead Celtic tiger economies to Brown’s grovelling to now exposed City of London speculators all four backed the greedy globalised capitalism now collapsing before our eyes.

Forget the essentially irrelevant debates about when the bankers debt will be paid back - the one certainty is that all four intend the innocent public to pay the bill with lost jobs and slashed services.

And all four dutifully wave the flag and lie to the public that the ever worsening war in Afghanistan is a noble crusade to make us safe rather than bloodstained disaster doling out death to largely working class soldiers and innocent Afghans alike.

Beside such policy disasters the spectacle of expenses laden ex ministers hawking their inside track contacts for £5,000 a day simply seals the public revulsion with politics.

It is against this background of anger fear and cynicism that Scottish Socialists will fight in ten Westminster seats with the message that it doesn’t have to be like this, that another way is not only possible but essential.

On the doorstep, in hustings and public meetings on street stalls and in leaflets and the media SSP candidates will hammer home the messages against war and to make the rich pay for the disaster they have created.

At the poll the SSP stands out as the only party which demands an immediate withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and an end to the war.

Centrally they will argue that the ingenuity knowledge and money exists to solve peoples problems but the greed of the rich and their lust for profits blocks the way.

Only by removing that roadblock, making the rich pay and putting the needs of people before the greed of profit can a different, just and peaceful future be won.

That will be the socialist message of hope over fear and war that SSP candidates will put to voters in the weeks ahead.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Welfare State will be used to "Opress and Discipline the Poor" - John McAllion - SSP Press Release

Welfare state will be used to "oppress and discipline the poor" - former Labour MP
SSP press release - 11/04/2010


The welfare state, which was once seen as a towering achievement by Labour, will be used as a “weapon to oppress and discipline the poor” as spending cuts bite after May 6th.

That is the stark warning from former Labour MP and MSP John McAllion, now an SSP member, writing in the party’s fortnightly paper Scottish Socialist Voice.

It comes as both Labour and the Tories showcase policies aimed at selling the idea of “getting tough” with the unemployed and sick in an attempt to present them as scroungers.

Branding all three Westminster parties as Thatcherite, McAllion contrasts the assault on claimants with the spectacle of MPs charged with corruption and ex ministers touting for lobbying work at £5,000 a day.

He writes:
“With unemployment still rising in Scotland, none of the big parties campaign to reverse New Labour’s welfare reforms that are now forcing lone parents back into low paid work; requiring the long-time unemployed to work for their benefits; and transferring jobcentre contracts to the private sector.

“What was once a welfare state that protected workers from the cradle to the grave will be used in coming years to oppress and discipline the poor.

“The three big mainstream parties contending for office in Westminster are now cast from the same mould as Thatcher’s Tories.

“Thatcher herself has boasted that New Labour was her “greatest achievement”. Clegg’s Liberal Democrats have positioned themselves midway between the two other Thatcherite parties.

“All three are now committed to reducing the national debt by a policy of slashing and burning the public sector. “

Mr McAllion is to host the Scottish Socialist Party’s election launch on Tuesday 13th April in Edinburgh.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

North East Fife - Westminster Election

The SSP are not running in North East Fife, however it is still important to make an informed vote. Below is a list of canidates and their parties: -

Rod Campbell - Scottish National Party
Mark Hood - Scottish Labour Party
Sir Menzies Campbell - Liberal Democrats
Miles Briggs - Conservative Party
Mike Scott-Hayward - UKIP

There is also the option of abstaining from voting.

Petition in Defence of Cuba

Read the details here and sign here

SSP Westminster Battle

The Scottish Socialist Party have announced that they will contest the following ten seats (with the following candidates) in this years general elections: -

Aberdeen North - Ewan Robertson
Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintiloch East - Willie O'Neill
Dundee East - Angela Gorrie
Edinburgh South West - Colin Fox
Glasgow Central - James Nesbitt
Glasgow East - Frances Curran
Glasgow North East - Kevin McVey
Livingston - Ally Hendry
Paisley and Renfrewshire North - Chris Rollo
Paisley and Renfrewshire South - Jimmy Kerr

The Party's manifesto is as follows (Source -

For an independent socialist Scotland
No cuts, no wars, for an end to corruption


On May 6th voters will be offered a dismal choice of cuts, sackings and wars by politicians tainted by corruption, duck houses and other expenses fiddling.

All three Westminster parties are in a race to see who can make the deepest cuts while the SNP wring their hands and blame London.

They all recommend cuts to vital public services which will hit the most vulnerable hardest and directly threaten the jobs of 100,000 Scottish workers.

In contrast the unequivocal message from the Scottish Socialist Party is that there is an alternative which avoids cuts and insists instead that the greedy pay for the disaster they created, that also ends our involvement in the Afghan war and offers jobs and justice not misery and war.

This belief is reflected in our programme for a Scotland which aims to meet peoples’ needs, not pander to the rich, for people not profit.

100,000 jobs Are directly threatened by the cuts promised by the Westminster parties and vital services for our most vulnerable citizens will go.
We say that faced with such a threat words are not enough—action is needed. Scotland needs nothing less than a resistance movement of mass peaceful protest on the scale of that which defeated the poll tax. We will bring all the experience of the SSP to build such a movement.

Jobs for youth

The spectre of mass unemployment has returned twenty years after Margaret Thatcher was ejected from office. Many communities in Scotland are still suffering from the legacy of the 1980s with the poverty, heroin addiction, alcohol abuse and crime that goes with this chronic joblessness.
Today the SSP says: 'Mass unemployment No More'. Instead of slashing Scotland's budget, the SSP will fight for emergency funding to protect our young people from becoming another wasted generation.

Let's Get Out of Afghanistan

This is a senseless military occupation which damages Britain's international reputation and does nothing to make the world a safer place. We are occupying a country that doesn't want us to be there. More than 50,000 innocent Afghan civilians have been killed. Some 280 British soldiers have also died. All the polling evidence suggests that 70% of the population here want our armed services withdrawn. The Scottish Socialist Party gives voice to that majority.

Clean up the Westminster 'midden'

In just 12 months Westminster has gone from 'the mother of parliaments' to 'the mother of all corruption'.
The public has watched open mouthed as MPs attempt to justify obscene expenses claims which would get an ordinary worker sacked. MP's have repeatedly shown how they are all out of touch with the people they pretend to represent.
For the SSP the answer is simple and it is to end the circumstances where becoming an MP brings a huge salary and expenses. We have long argued that MP's should live on the wage of those they represent. Our MSPs did just that at Holyrood thus keeping them in touch with the real lives of voters.

For a Green, Socialist Republic

The Scottish Socialist Party is a pro-independence party - no ifs, buts or maybes. We say Yes to an independence referendum and Yes to independence
We will work with other pro-independence parties to deliver a resounding referendum YES vote.
Beyond that, we stand for an independent socialist republic where the wealth is fairly distributed; where protection of the environment is paramount.
Such a republic would prioritise the needs of people over profit and our environment over the greed of profiteers.
The development of our colossal natural resources would be publicly owned to ensure the skilled jobs required are based in Scotland and the profits generated used to provide services not multinational profit
All citizens would be equal irrespective of gender, race, religion or sexuality in a country where the economy is no longer driven by greed and profit.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Green protestors set up camp near Oakley - Dunfermline Press

A GROUP of activists have climbed trees and started a protest camp on the Blair House open cast coal site near Oakley.

Around 20 campaigners are involved in the protest and say they are acting in solidarity with local opponents of the development.

UK Coal were given permission to mine 720,000 tonnes of fuel on the site despite 150 objections.

The activists say trees have been chopped down as part of preparatory work and they are acting to prevent any more being lost.

Fiona Richards, one of the protestors, said, "This new coal mine is only one of 20 such others to have recently been given planning permission in Scotland.

"If we are to have any chance of limting dangerous climate change and protecting communities from carbon intensive industries direct action must be taken as councillors, mining companies and the Government have shown their unwillingness to solve the problems we face."

West Fife villages councillor Gerry McMullan was planning to visit the protestors this afternoon (Monday).

He said, "I was one of the few councillors to vote against this development especially given the site's close proximity to homes in the area.

"However, during that democratic decision making process we heard nothing from this group who are Johnny Come Latelys on this issue.

"They're not interested in health or the environment. All they're interested in is causing disruption."

For Fife police, Chief Superintendant Brian Plastow said, "This appears to be a peaceful protest and there has been no impact on the local roads or public, We will continue to liaise with the protestors and monitor their actions."

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Radicals Fail to Gain Seats in St Andrews Student Union

19th of March saw the St Andrews Student Union Elections, with great disappointment for the Radical Candidates standing.

Terry Fulton stood for Director of Representation, on a platform of affordable accommodation and rebuilding the Union into a functioning body. Losing to the three other candidates.

Ben Bridgman lost to Becca Ladley for the position of Association Chair.

And James Morris running for SRC Accommodation Officer on a platform of Structural Change, Affordability and Transparency, lost to Conservative candidate Sunny Moodie whom wished to "Preserve St Andrews Architecture" with the results 844 votes to 1016 votes.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

St Andrews "Radicals" run for positions in the Student Union

St Andrews Socialists, Greens and Anarchists run again this year for positions in the St Andrews Student Union in an attempt to change the policy and structure of the University.

Terry Fulton is running for Director of Representation, Benjamin Bridgman is running for Asscoiation Chair and James Morris for SRC Accommodation Officer.

Results will be posted here after the election on Friday 19th.

Friday, 5 March 2010

The Yes Men Fix The World, Plus a Discussion with Mike Bonanno!

Tuesday, 9 March, the Centre for Film Studies (the University of St Andrews) will host a screening of THE YES MEN FIX THE WORLD, a documentary by political pranksters and culture jammers, Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno-- possibly best known for their recent hijacking of the BBC when they pretended to be Dow Chemical and took responsibility for the industrial tragedy in Bhopal.

The screening will be followed by a discussion with Yes Man and co-director,
Mike Bonanno.

Date and Time: Tuesday, 9 March starting at 5.15pm
Place: School V (North Street)

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Independence and Socialism

By John McAllion

THE class struggle in Scotland has always been both nationalist and socialist.

The 1787 massacre of striking Calton weavers by British soldiers near what was then Glasgow is generally recognised as marking the beginning of an organised, effective Scottish labour movement.

The weavers’ banner on that day, and subsequently on many other days up to its seizure by Tory magistrates in 1819, showed Scotland’s national hero William Wallace striking down the beast of tyranny.

Scots Wha Hae, Scotland’s unofficial national anthem penned by Robert Burns in 1793, deliberately sided with early working class struggles against the reactionary Pitt government in London and its despotic manager in Scotland
Henry Dundas.

The Scottish radical uprising and general strike of 1820 united behind the slogan “Scotland Free or a Desert”. So, from the very beginnings of the labour movement in Scotland, there has existed a radical tradition that consistently connected the struggles for workers’ rights with the demand for Scottish independence.

That tradition was carried into the 20th century by the likes of Keir Hardie who throughout a parliamentary career in which he represented only English constituencies remained a passionate believer in the cause of Scottish home rule.

Most notably, of course, it was upheld by the great internationalist John Maclean who was calling for an independent Scottish Socialist Workers’ Republic at a time when Ramsay MacDonald was priming the British Labour Party for its historic role as a safe and respectable alternative to Tory government trapped within a capitalist, imperialist and constitutional monarchy.

Today Scottish socialists like Jimmy Reid, one of the leaders of the 1970’s UCS workers’ struggle, continue to campaign for socialist change from within the SNP, while the bulk of the Scottish nationalist Left carry on the fight for Maclean’s socialist republic as part of the SSP.

They represent a continuing tradition of libertarian and democratic struggle from below that stands in stark contrast to the Westminster model of a parliamentary elite making change happen from above.

Breaking free from the stranglehold of that Westminster model remains one of the key challenges facing the Left across Britain today.

Genuine popular control over state institutions and the economic levers of power cannot happen in a British state in which the people are designated as subjects and political sovereignty rests with the Crown-in-Parliament.

The radical participatory politics that characterise revolutions in Venezuela and other Latin American countries are ruled out here by a British two-party electoral system that effectively blocks radical change and restricts political choice to voting for either of the two big pro-business parties committed to defending the neo-liberal status quo.

A democratic revolution cannot happen in a Britain in which an hereditary monarchy and an unelected House of Lords keep a tight political rein on a Commons majority elected last time with the support of less than a quarter of those entitled to vote.

It cannot happen either in a Britain without a Bill of Rights and where citizens can be arrested and held without hard evidence or charge for up to 6 weeks.

It is time to recognise that the breakup of the authoritarian British state is now a precondition of securing progressive socialist change for the peoples of this island.

The national struggles that will follow the break-up of Britain open up opportunities for the Left to force a radical political agenda that otherwise remains excluded from mainstream politics and forever stymied under the ancient regime of the British constitution.

The ending of the British warfare state, constitutional guarantees of civil liberties, republican citizenship, participatory democracy, genuinely popular control of public services, an economy run for the people rather than for profit - these and many other important areas of policy will be thrown into the melting pot from which people’s republics in Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland will emerge.

The alternative is to remain ensnared within the carefully contrived limits of a constitution that for more than 300 years has been successfully blocking all threats of radical change in order to preserve the stability of the oldest capitalist state form in the world. Socialists owe no kind of loyalty to that Britain.
We do have a responsibility to help its peoples escape from the chains of British history.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Colin Fox takes on Chancellor Darling in General Election Challenge

Colin Fox takes on Chancellor Darling in General Election challenge - Source


SSP joint national spokesman Colin Fox will challenge Chancellor Alistair Darling in the General Election and the party will look to target 10 key seats across Scotland in the poll.

Colin Fox said :
"The SSP will fight the General Election on two key battlegrounds, the economy and Afghanistan.

"We will take the fight to Alastair Darling in his own constituency on his stewardship of the economy, the fact that he took this country into the deepest and worst recession in 80 years and because he now intends to slaughter the jobs and services of working people to pay for his incompetence and his banker’s greed.

"Equally, we will be the only party in this election opposed to the ongoing occupation of Afghanistan and calling for an immediete withdrawal of British troops.

“Despite the undemocratic voting system and exorbitant cost of standing candidates the Scottish Socialist Party will offer a bright alternative to the 4 neo-liberal, warmongering parties in Scotland—Labour, Lib Dem, Tories and SNP—who are shamefully trying to outdo one another to see who can make the most savage cuts in jobs and essential services.

“Our message is clear therefore—those who caused the banking crisis should pay for it. That means higher taxes and sacrifices by those enjoying their luxury lifestyles. Working people like nurses, teachers, firefighters and postalworkers didn’t cause the crisis and they shouldn’t be expected to pick up the bill for it with pay cuts and sackings. That's the social justice we believe millions of Scots expect to see.

“In what will be an unsavoury 'doom and gloom' election contest about which party can best satisfy the City of London's demands for slashed public services and cuts jobs the SSP will stand out as a bright alternative, a welcome light of optimism, with our message that there is no way we will accept cuts and hardship for working people. There is an alternative, the SSP say another way is possible.”

“I particularly relish the prospect of challenging Alastair Darling the former revolutionary socialist and now arch conservative neo-liberal Chancellor justifying his plans for feather bedding the rich and assaulting the pay and conditions of those who used to be Labour’s key supporters in Edinburgh South West.”

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Socialist and Afghan leaders join forces for anti-war talks

Published Date: 07 January 2010
SCOTTISH Socialist Party leader Colin Fox and the leader of Scotland's Afghan community will call for the immediate withdrawal of British troops from Afghanistan when they address a public meeting in Musselburgh next week.

Mr Fox and Mohammed Asif, chairman of the Scottish Afghan Society, will be joined on the platform at the Brunton Theatre on Tuesday by Joan Humphreys, whose grandson, Private Kevin Elliot, was killed in Helmand province in August while serving with the Black Watch.

Mr Fox, former Lothians MSP, said the latest opinion polls showed that 70 per cent of British people wanted the troops to be brought home.

He said: "Britain has been occupying Afghanistan for the past eight years. Tony Blair said the invasion in 2001 was in retaliation for the 9/11 bombing.

"We know now, as he knew then, that not one single Afghan was involved in those heinous attacks.

"Afghanistan has never threatened us yet some 50,000 innocent Afghan civilians have been killed as a result of our invasion."

Mr Asif added: "People in Scotland should be in no doubt that Afghans deeply resent the occupation of our country. Whilst we hate the Taleban, it must be our right to replace them as we see fit.

"The Karzai regime in Kabul installed by the Americans is hated and corrupt."

Source: Edinburgh Evening News