Sunday, 2 May 2010

Protest Called in St Andrews - Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign

Source: SPSC

Protest Scottish visit by ambassador of murder, illegal occupation and apartheid

Israeli Ambassador, Ron Prosor, will be given a platform in Holy Trinity Church, St Andrews on Tuesday 4 May to make the case for Israel's crimes. The least of these crimes was the recent use of British passports by an Israeli murder squad in Dubai.

The ambassador of blood, white phosphorus, starvation and theft will appear in St Andrews at a time when Scottish civil society, from Government to grassroots organisations, has become increasingly aware of Israel's violations of Palestinian rights, not to mention basic norms of human decency.

Nuclear-armed Israel, which has attacked its neighbours on many occasions and openly plans to attack Iran, faces the possibility of prosecution at the International Criminal Court following the UN's Goldstone report. It is a scandal that the International Politics Association in St Andrews is providing a platform for the ambassador of a rogue state.

Assemble Holy Trinity Church, South Street, St Andrews at 5pm

Join Palestine solidarity stalls in St Andrews from 12noon on Tuesday 4th May - visit the SPSC Website.

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