Saturday, 8 August 2009

LRNC Begin Writing Pamphlet

The Lower Rents Now! Coalition (LRNC)has began to write a well-researched pamphlet on the state of unaffordable, pseudo-sustainable, university-owned accommodation within the town of Saint Andrews.

After news reached the group that the University had gained proper funding to push ahead with the Fife Park rebuild (beginning imminently), a member decided to take incentive and push forward the campaign by writing "an accessible work for all St Andrews' students", stating that "whether still holding on to the view that the University is a beacon of truth or whether the reader is already disillusioned, the evidence and practice of University decision making and residential management will shock beyond all belief".

Once the pamphlet is finished it will be distributed in the town and available to browse as a pdf.

Updates on the LRNC campaign can be found here or on the LRCN homepage (link above).

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