Thursday, 7 May 2009

Sign the Make Greed History Petition

Quoting Make Greed History:

'We, the undersigned, support the call by the Make Greed History campaign for a one-off, 10 per cent wealth tax on every millionaire across the EU to create jobs and end recession.

According to the World Wealth Report 2008, Europe’s ‘High Net Worth Individuals’ (those with at least 1 million in cash assets) last year owned a total of trillion. Last year, a ten per cent levy would have raised 1 trillion dollars.

Even allowing for reductions in personal wealth of up to one third as a result of the global financial crash, a ten per cent wealth tax on the rich could create at least 5 million new jobs. That in turn would boost the wider economy and lift Europe out of recession without any extra government debt or spending cuts.

Big problems need big solutions. A European-wide wealth tax is a big idea whose time is long overdue.'

Sign the petition here.

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