Sunday, 3 May 2009

Students Protest Against Exxon

On Saturday May 2nd, day two of the St Andrews Economic Forum, or SAEF, a handful of students from the University of St Andrews Left Society protested against ExxonMobil, one of the sponsors of the conference. The group leafleted outside Lower Parliament Hall, where the conference was taking place, and managed to converse with attendees about ExxonMobil, who are notorious climate change deniers, in addition to being personally responsible for 5% of the world's total carbon emissions, as they entered. Unfortunately, one member of the Left Society (also a member of the SSP), who was a paid attendee, was not allowed to leaflet in the conference; an organizer threatened to chuck him out if he continued to pass out information.

(Written and Photographed by Nikki Duda - Left Society. Edited by James Morris - SSP)

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